Forget Netflix and chill: 4D cinemas coming to Rotterdam and Amsterdam

If you thought IT (🎈) couldn’t possibly get any more terrifying, we’ve got news for you. In December, Pathé de Kuip (Rotterdam) and Pathé de Munt (Amsterdam) will be opening 4D cinema’s.

Pathé, Dolby Cinema and Korean tech-company 4DX have joined forces to deliver a premium experience that combines spectacular image and sound quality with 4D-elements. The company says that the technology offers 20 different elements, such as chair-movement, scent, and even weather conditions like fog and rain. It is not known how much a ticket will cost or which movies will be shown in 4D, but we’re predicting that the hype will be real.


View the promo video here:

Which movie would you like to watch in 4D?

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