6 Types of Student Parties You WILL Attend This Coming Year

Students of any age, studying degree, living in any city, anywhere on Planet Earth always love a good party. A memorable party serves as a golden measure to which students compare their weekends and reflect on what they have experienced and/or learnt. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. We’ve all tried to box up against who had a better (or worse) time than the person sitting next to us. It’s student talk! 

The youth in Holland’s largest-growing student-city is no different. In The Hague, we know all the right places for all the right-kinda vibes. Plus, partying is the perfect way to meet new, like-minded people, who may just become your friends. Here are 6 parties that we guarantee you will experience in your coming student time. 


  • Themed Parties (e.g. Kings Day) 

Enter WILL I AM from Black Eyed Peas voice: Let’s get this party started with one of our personal favorites; Themed Parties. These parties are pretty self-explanatory; they’re the events with a theme that you’re expected to dress to, and trust us, the themes get pretty creative. From only being allowed to wear two pieces of clothing, our very own ghostly Halloween Party, Traffic Light Parties (red = in a relationship, yellow = it’s complicated, green = go ahead) and finally the grand-slam that is King’s Day, you could say the Dutch enjoy dressing to impress. 


Now, King’s Day is probably our best/worst excuse ever for a party. Every year on the 27th of April, the entire country comes to a standstill. The day serves as a public holiday in celebrating the King’s birthday. The Dutch in response, get as drunk as possible wearing as much of the color orange as possible. Hey, don’t judge; some celebrate birthdays differently to others. The color orange commemorates the Royal Dutch Family. So, whatever you do; just wear something orange, drink Dutch beer and occasionally shout; “Oranje boven, oranje boven. Lang leve de Koning!” (Orange on top, Orange on top. Long Live the King!) 


See more about how to celebrate Kings Day in our IIAM King’s Day Blog


  • Club Nights (mention: IDs, drug policy, drug testing…) 

With many of each music genre’s top DJ’s hailing from Holland (maybe it’s the rain keeping them indoors,) you can expect to hear some pretty good music when you’re out at the club. But do be warned, the Dutch bouncers have some very different door policies than most of their colleagues in other countries. Other than the standard regulations of always requiring an ID for entry and not being allowed to take alcohol into the event, the Dutch are pretty fair. The massive difference comes to their policy for tolerating drugs. Just as our IIAM Student Handbook states: The preconception that weed is legal in the Netherlands is false. However, soft drugs like cannabis are part of the Dutch Gedoogbeleid: this means that users and sellers of soft drugs will not be persecuted under specific circumstances. For example, if you carry more than five grams of cannabis on you or own more than five hennep plants, you are actually committing a criminal offence and risking a fine and/or community service. If you carry less than 0,5 grams of cocaine or one XTC pill, you are also not punishable by law (but your stash will be taken from you, of course). Also, if you go to a festival or any other event and get caught sneaking in drugs, you’ll be denied entry, if not fined or arrested. Know the laws and don’t mess with ‘em! 


See more about how Drug usage in The Ultimate Student Guide. 


  • IIAM Parties 

Now we’re talking; IIAM Parties. If you haven’t heard of an IIAM Party before, I wouldn’t tell all your friends. I would attend them first and let the experience do the talking – that’s if I were you at least. IIAM, the largest student network in The Netherlands, serves the 4 largest student cities and helps bring together the best events. Hosting well over 160 different kinds of parties and happenings last year, IIAM is the single best set-up used by the students of Leiden, Rotterdam, The Hague. Through pub quizzes, intro weeks, festivals and of course organizing parties (like for example: our weekly Tequila Tuesdays or favorite; Prohibition, House Party, Party in my Kitchen!) it’s fair to say that IIAM is your party plug! 


Check out their events through the IIAM APP or on the Events page.


  • (In)famous Pub Crawls 

Ahh, the good-old pub crawl; the activity every student understands but experiences differently. A pub crawl is simply a rite of passage for all students, where we go on an adventure to a number of bars and clubs in a particular city in the space of one evening. Undeniably spending too much money, taking too many shots, and having too many regrets the following morning, a pub crawl is like a drunken safari of a city.


  • (Messy) House Parties 

Every and any experienced party-goer knows that it all goes down at the house parties. Let’s look at it like this; you know those “fun” runs where people run 5 kilometers and get colored powder thrown all over them? Well house parties are kind of like those, except there’s no exercise (unless dancing counts) and everyone’s completely trashed. Fun, right? House parties can also serve as a safe haven to get groovy before you take on the city’s clubs that same evening. Call it pre-drinks, call it “I’m drinking now so I can save money later” or call it whatever the hell you want, really, house parties are where it’s done! 


We at IIAM know how to throw a good house party and have created more than enough of these kind-of events for the coming year. Keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook page for details closer to the time! 


  • “Borrels” 

This is the toughest one to attempt to explain, that’s why we left it for last. Think of it as the last question to an exam… not only is the pronunciation harder than its explanation, the meaning can be applied to almost every occasion. Loosely translated to: a get together or, according to Dr. Wikipedia a ‘borrel’ is one of two things. 1: an informal designation for a small glass of spirits, or 2: an informal social gathering of a select (invited) group, often with a theme. (We warned you… the Dutch love their themes!) Ranging from “We’re-hung-over-lets-have-a-drink-in-the-park-borrel,” to borrels with your supervisors and teachers, the word ‘borrel’ will soon be the go-to weapon of choice, in your linguistic arsenal. 


PS: See more about how to get everything out of the word “borrel” in  The Ultimate Student Guide


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