A student’s guide to Amsterdam Dance Event

October 18th will mark the start of Amsterdam Dance Event, and we’re beyond excited. That’s why we’ve written you a little guide with everything you need to know for the upcoming week about dance and debauchery. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed ADE-expert, or thought ADE was some kind of illness until now, check it out to have an unforgettable time in Amsterdam.


You might know ADE as this huge music festival, but it actually started all the way back in 1995, as a electronic music conference. Back then, dance was really coming up in the Netherlands, and Amsterdam Dance Event was meant for the business-side of the dance industry. Fast forward more than two decades, it has grown into the “leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.” Think five days, 2,200 artists, 375K visitors, scattered across 160 of the most unique locations in the city of Amsterdam.

Hardwell, Tiësto, Martin Garrix: the Dutch world of dance has a phenomenal global reputation with some of the best and most popular DJ’s being born and raised here in the Netherlands. What’s in the water that turns young men into naturally talented producers? ADE is definitely a home game for these big names, but do expect loads of international superstars joining too.


Yes, the high concentration of artists in once city is fabulous, but choosing the one from a selection of hundreds of events is next level. Still in limbo? This is a selection of the places where you’ll be able to spot some of the IIAM. crew.


  • john doe

    Nocturnal X ONIA ADE Showcase

    One Night in Amsterdam brings Amsterdam to many different countries. During ADE, Nocturnal and ONIA meet up for their spectacular showcase.

    Thursday 19/10, 22.00-06.00h // John Doe

  • elrow

    Elrow ADE – Sambodromo do Brasil

    Elrow brings Brazillian samba paradise to Amsterdam. The techno way.

    Sunday 22/10, 11.00-23.00h // Kromhouthal

  • 3FM x ADE (Free)

    3FM will host a free ADE pre-party daily to start-up your evening with DJs like BURAK YETER, Oliver Heldens, San Soda and Julian Jordan on the bill.

    Wednesday 18/10 – Saturday 22/10, 18.00-00.00h // A’DAM Tower

  • Circoloco x Loveland ADE

    In the centre of Amsterdam located in the Houthaven lays Mediahaven. The stunning location made its debut in Amsterdam’s nightlife during ADE 2014

    Saturday 21/10, 22.00-07.00h // Mediahaven

  • Audio Obscura x Rijksmuseum (Free)

    Looking for a electronic party at a once-in-a-lifetime location? Rave with Audio Obscura in the tunnels of Amsterdam’s most impressive museum.

    Friday 20/10, 19.00-23.00h // Fietstunnel Rijksmuseum

  • Richie Hawtin and Loveland Pres. #POPUP | Official ADE Opening

    Organised by Loveland, tech-veteran Hawtin will be one of the big names opening on Wednesday.

    Wednesday 18/10, 18.00-20.00h // Nieuwmarkt


So, have you not bought your ticket yet? Tranquilo, there’s always a way. Most events have been sold out due to high demand, but there are still ways to get your hands on those golden tickets. And no, it doesn’t involve selling your soul.

People will be trying to get rid of their tickets last-minute. Seize that opportunity! Tickeswap is a great platform for buyers and sellers, because you’ll never be paying more than 20% on top of the original ticket price. If you’re lucky, (and this happens quite often) you may be able to get a ticket for a lower price than the event was selling it for. If you can’t be rich, be smart .


Spending loads of money on public transport is lava . Especially when you realise that a round trip to Amsterdam is basically half of the price of your ticket. Or worse: about 6-8 beers. Luckily for us, there’s a way to get a return ticket for only 7 euro’s.

How? Look for the Facebook groups that are called something along the line of “NS group tickets [insert city]”, find 9 other traveler heading to the same direction, and divide the costs! It’s been around for quite a while and it’s a pretty waterproof to get your train tickets without getting screwed over.


Despite the fact that hard drugs are illegal, the police has decided to go easy on the partygoers this year. If you carry more than 5 pills or 0,5 grams of any substance you will be risking a fine or prison time. If you’re caught with drugs at the entrance of an event, your drugs will be confiscated and you’ll be denied entrance into the venue.

If you are planning on taking drugs during the Amsterdam Dance Event, please make sure that you know what you’re taking is safe . We know that this is getting a little bit old now, but there have been fatalities with drugs on ADE before, and do you really want to risk being that person? Better safe than sorry. There will be a number of drug testing facilities available (testing service Jellinek) to make sure that your pills or powder are good to go. Want to do it in a more quiet and anonymous environment? Check out other locations here, or buy a home testing kit.

During your trip, be sensible. If you’re not feeling it, don’t take a higher dose all at once. Stay hydrated, but don’t overdo it. Look after yourself and your friends. All festivals are now required to hand out free water, and there will be more first-aid posts at the events to make sure that you’re safe and sound.

amsterdam dance event party crow with flag dancing light effects


Chances are that your day, night, or week of partying will end with a bit of a thud, as you’re suddenly slung back into reality. All stages are empty, Amsterdam will go back to the usual (if we can speak of usual) and you’ll probably be doing the same. We can all agree that post-festival blues suck, even more so with an unbearable hangover.

The cure is pretty straightforward: catch that extra hour of sleep, eat food that’s high in protein and fat (such as avocado, egg, fish and nuts) and exercise yourself happy! The Hague readers: if you don’t have a Netflix-and-chill buddy for burning those calories, come join our bootcamp on Monday night.

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