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We’re always open for questions about our events, or other student-related matters. Do you want to give us feedback or just want to have a good old chat? You can find all our contact information below:

(open Mon-Fri from 10AM-5PM)

Noordwal 10

3rd floor, Unit 11

2513 EA Den Haag

Tel: 070-8508210

Would you like to submit an idea or guest post?

Please get in touch with We’d be happy to read your idea / blog / concept!

Do you have any technical issues with the website?

Please send an email to Screenshots of the issue would be helpful too!

Do you have technical issues with the IIAM. app?

Please get in touch with

Are you an artist looking for more info?

Please contact us at

Are you an IIAM. app partner?

Please refer to our website by clicking here, or contact us at


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How does the free ticket system work?

Most of our events work with free e-tickets, which you can download until a certain time. The guidelines for free entrance differ per event, please check the event description for more info.

How do I get my deals?

You can redeem your deals (if applicable) from the IIAM. APP as well as other special offers. Swipe right to activate deal, Show the employee serving you, then press the redeem button at the bottom of the screen! simple as that.

What’s the minimum age to join IIAM.’s events?

All IIAM. events are 18+.

Shall I print the e-ticket or can I show it on my phone?

Stay green, keep it on the screen! Just make sure to have your e-ticket downloaded and loaded on your screen when you enter.

I downloaded my free ticket. Does it guarantee entry?

No, free tickets do not guarantee entry, full = full.

I bought a ticket online, but misspelled my email address. What do I have to do?

If you misspell your name or email address, get in touch with us through email or social media. With the payment confirmation and correct e-mail address, you’ll have the ticket in your inbox in no time.

I just bought a group ticket? Do we all have to enter at the same time?

Yes, you all have to come in together.

I only have a copy of my ID/passport. Can I enter the party with that?

No, you cannot enter without an ID or passport, not even a copy.

I lost something at an event. Who do I have to contact?

Losing your belongings can be very annoying. Please get in touch with us and the club for lost & found. We always do our best to find your lost valuables!