You can now delete drunk texts on Whatsapp (and we’re showing you how)

Admit it: there must have been a moment where you instantly regretted sending that risky text. Or maybe you accidently sent a screenshot of a conversation to that same person you were gonna gossip about? Yeah, been there.


Whatsapp has since introduced a new feature that you can test out right now: deleting sent messages. Yes, this is not a drill! And it works. We’ve tested it below:


Deleting your Whatsapp message in four easy steps:


Step one: send that risky text!

whatsapp phone screenshot

So lets say, I’m at today’s Tequila Tuesday, I’m drunk, I really want to hear Despacito. This is the right time to text random (or not so random) person X to share my thoughts!

Step 2: select the message(s) you want to erase from time and history

whatsapp phone screenshot

Or maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Time to get out of this sticky situation. According to Whatsapp, you can delete your message up to 7 minutes after it was sent. This does not mean that your contact X can’t read it before that! Make sure to delete it ASAP to prevent another awkward situation.


whatsapp phone screenshot

So, when you select, you press the little bin-icon / delete-button. You’ll get a list of options. Hit ‘delete for everyone’ to permanently erase the message.

Step 4: pretend like nothing ever happened and continue living your life

But wait, there is a little catch…

whatsapp phone screenshot

whatsapp phone screenshot

The contact X will see that you’ve deleted your message. So, it’s not totally waterproof. But in most cases, better than whatever you sent in the first place, am I right?

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