Biggest haunted house in the Netherlands will open in abandoned shopping mall

For some, the fall means rain, new deadlines, and a lot of post-summer mystery. Others are literally waiting for the first leaves to fall, so they feel justified in ordering their pumpkin spice latte. For many in the middle, Halloween is about the only thing they can get excited for (yesss, cue skull face paint & sexy nurse costumes). If you can’t wait for this year’s event hosted by IIAM at PIP, good news for you. On the 29th of September, shopping mall The Wall (close to Utrecht) will open as the largest haunted house the Netherlands has ever seen.

The fear-factor

The venue will be transformed in a 2km path of sheer terror.  You’ll be haunted through about 25 rooms with different settings and ‘scare factors’. Expect clowns, zombies, freaks, and everything in between, all with professional acting training. Creator Dion Varossieau assures that people will be experiencing both psychological and physical stimulants. “There will be circus themed rooms, claustrophobic spaces, and much more”. If you have what it takes to be fearless and make it all the way through, the nightmare lasts for about 40 minutes. So, if Scar from the Lion King still frightens you, I recommend you visit the Efteling (the Dutch equivalent of Disney World) instead of dragging yourself through that amount of time of self-inflicted torture.

According to Varossieau, “it will be 1000 times better” than anything we’ve seen before. Why? Because he used his experience from working at Walibi Fright Nights (also not for the faint-hearted) to develop his own concept:  Halloween Nightmares. This is a temporary project to bring some life back into the mall and will be running for three months. If there’s enough enthusiasm (or fear), there might be a possibility of extension.

In all honesty, you’ll definitely won’t find me hanging around this haunted house. To anyone who is tempted, however: text me when you’re home safe.

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