How to make your new house a home

We’ve all been in the same boat at one point. You move away from home, from your family and all your friends and then suddenly you’re thrown into this new place. With a new room, new ‘family’ and new potential friends. Yet, everyone knows it’s nothing but easy moving away from all you’ve known for the X number of years you’ve spent in a place.


It’s an overwhelming wave of emotions from happiness to despair. It’s a rollercoaster we all have ridden, or even are still on. The thing is, you can’t let the dips of homesickness ruin all your ups. You are after all in a new place, semi-ready to experience new things! So here are a few things I learnt while dealing with the pain and joy of leaving home, and making your new house a home.


Create that home for yourself

You are given a blank canvas when you move away from somewhere you’ve been rooted to, so take advantage of that. Home is created, and making this canvas home is where you should begin. Hang those photos up, bring your traditions with you, show your culture or what you’re used to to your new friends. Then at one point you’ll realize that you’re hanging up photos with your new friends and bringing their home traditions with you back when you visit your initial home. So bring that essence of home with you because at the end of the day home is where the heart is and if your heart isn’t in it, neither are you.



The internet is a magical place full of ways to reach your old home. You can call anyone from any platform now, everyone is quite literally a button away. So stop being a sad, pick up your phone and press that button. Send a video, send a picture or anything that will make you feel like you’re reaching out through cyberspace. Reconnect with high school friends every few months, talk about your past and where you’re going in the present and who knows you might plan a trip to some place in the future.


Share Your Nostalgia

Remember, you’re not the only one going through this change, everyone else is going through the same emotions just at different intervals so what’s better than opening up? The best moments I’ve had while living here was sitting together with my new friends and sharing stories. Not only do you get to know everyone and what they’ve been through but you also learn new things about each other. How else would I have known that my housemates are awesome if I didn’t bring up Harry Potter Puppet Pals? You need to open up to be able to immerse yourself in an environment, being ‘vulnerable’ shows people you are open for interaction! So put your stories out there, share the crazy things you’ve done and you might find a friend for life.


Be Open to Adventure

It’s Monday morning, you have nothing planned for the upcoming weekend but what do you do? The answer: LONDON! Grab a friend and just go, nothing is too crazy or too silly. Anything can qualify as an adventure. From going to the zoo, to travelling to a new city or even to joining an association together. Everything can be an adventure if you put your mind to it. So don’t close yourself off in your room and pout about how much you miss how things were because how are you supposed to enjoy the now when you’re stuck in the past?


Throw Yourself Into The Water

Don’t wait to be pushed in, just do it. Never been part of a board? Try! Never gone to a festival? Take advantage of the options ahead of you! Never been out of your dorm? Well… it’s time to start moving! Automatically by being outside of your comfort zone puts you in a different mentality. You feel adventurous, daring and may I even say… brave? Moving away from the comfort of your family can be intimidating, but isn’t it much better to tell your parents what you have done rather than what you haven’t?


Accept that there will be bad days

Not everyday will be a fairy tale, and you can’t make everyday a fairy tale. It’s your responsibility to realize when what you’re doing isn’t helping you but rather harming you. Everything can be fun, but there are limits to everything you do. So don’t be afraid to ask for help from people you see fit to help you. The small things can make you happy too, don’t make everything too big because sooner or later you’ll realize you bit off more than you can chew.


Going home isn’t giving up

Please please please realize that going home doesn’t mean you’re a failure and can’t deal with living by yourself in a new place. It just means that you needed something that couldn’t be provided where you moved. Let’s be real, sometimes you just need a relaxing time at home without the worries of school, new friends, or anything else that’s bothering you.


All in all, try everything put in your path. Conquer your obstacles, learn from mistakes and grow as an individual. Only when the sound of home can’t be ignored, and you’ve tried everything to evolve that sound to music, it is time to go back.

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