Want to start 2018 with a bang? Come jump in the sea!

First, let’s start off with a little 2017 quiz:

How will you be spending this New Years Eve?

a) drunk
b) high
c) dancing
d) having sex
e) all of the above

If your answer is a, b, c, d or e: hear me out. You’ve probably sorted most of your plans for tomorrow, but have you thought about how you’re spending the first morning after of the new year? Start 2018 off the right way, cross off some bucketlist-stuff and join the famous New Years Dive in Scheveningen!

Nieuwjaarsduik Scheveningen

Yes, it sounds about as insane as it actually is, but every year ten thousand badasses brave the cold by collectively running into the North Sea with temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Even though no one really knows why the Dutchies would voluntarily jump into ice cold water on New Years Day, this tradition has been around for quite some time and marks a ‘fresh start’ (literally) more than anything else.

For more information, check out Unox, the main sponsor’s page.


Still not convinced? If you have made either of these New Years Resolutions, read on:

You want to be healthier in 2018: not only is the extreme cold a good wake up call for your body to start getting rid of the excess booze, it’s also quite beneficial for your immune system. (Do make sure to bring something warm, however)
You want to do more ‘Dutch things’ in 2018: Shopping at the Albert Heijn doesn’t count, and Kings Day is ages away. Why not do something more out of the ordinary? The New Years Dive is a very Dutch experience.
You want to be more adventurous and spontaneous in 2018: Do I need to say more?

The dive you didn’t think you needed in your life starts at 12:00 right in front of the Kurhaus, and you can start registering from 10:30 onwards. Taking part costs 3 euros, of which one will be donated to the food bank. You’ll also get the famous orange Unox beanie and a fabulous warm pea soup to warm up your hands and soul after getting into the water.

Will we see you there?

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