The Pineapple Club: a Q & A sesh

IIAM is working hard to be more inclusive for all international students. So is Tequila Tuesdays not really your thing? No worries, on December 7th we’re launching a brand new concept called The Pineapple Club. I spoke to Robert and Caleb, two of the brains behind the project, to find out more.


I: Hey guys, so The Pineapple Club: what’s with the pineapple?

R: Well, it’s just a cool name right? Pineapples are hip.

C: Yeah it’s just a cool name! Well, actually the pineapple was regarded as a very exclusive fruit. No, seriously! Before trade became this commercialised and channels of industry became this available.

I: Are you making this up?

C: No, I’m serious!

I: Okay okay, and how did this new concept come around? Was there a need for something exclusive and new?

R: Yeah I think so, because we normally do a lot of commercial parties. We noticed that students want to hear more of the underground music, so genres like disco, house and deep-house. We’ve done parties with several stages, and the underground stage was always very popular, so it was time to come with something like this.

underground club the hague het magazijn

I: What kind of music can we expect then?

R: Nu-disco, disco and house music.

I: Can you tell me more about The Pineapple Club and where it stands for?

C: It stands for equality for all people.

R: Yeah, from the bouncer to the DJ to the bartenders, everyone is on the same level. That’s also why the DJ booth isn’t elevated, it’s on the same level as the dance floor, that’s why there’s no hierarchy in that sense. That’s also what Het Magazijn stands for. So it’s not just that everyone’s equal, but also everyone respecting each other, no inappropriate behaviour, especially towards the ladies.

C: It’s also about focusing on the music and not spending time on your phone

I: So no Insta-stories allowed?

R: Well, it’s not like you’re gonna get kicked out for using your phone, but we do wanna make a bigger point out of living in the moment and enjoying the party while you are there. And you can check your social media in the smoking area upstairs if you want, but just be offline on the dance floor.

underground club the hague het magazijn underground club the hague het magazijn

I: Het Magazijn was mentioned by Mixmag as one of the best new clubs in 2017. What do you think makes this club unique?

C: The fact that it’s so small. There’s only room for about 150 people inside. Also, they have twelve Function-One system speakers inside the club. The quality of the audio and the sound inside is the best in town, the best in the Hague. It’s in a basement, so you immediately get that underground vibe.
I: So you mentioned that it’s small, does that mean that there’re gonna be a strict selection process at the door?

R: I mean, the party is for the whole IIAM community and everyone outside that too. We want likeminded people inside that live by the values that The Pineapple Club represents. So is there gonna be a strict door policy? No, not really. We’re not gonna filter you based on your clothing or where you come from but you just need to come to enjoy the music, that’s the most important.

C: It’s really all about the music. That’s why we record all the DJ sets at every event, and post it online so that everyone can enjoy it outside of the club too. There’s also a playlist on Spotify if the community wants to get an idea of what kind of music its gonna be played. Also there’s no photographer inside, because, well, you just need to be there.

Feeling the vibe? Listen to The Pineapple Club Spotify playlist here and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for the latest updates. For more IIAM events, see our event and activity calendar. See you on the 7th!

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