Call to all students: wear your ugly Christmas sweater this Friday!

Yes, we know you have one, and no, we’re not judging. They are warm and fuzzy and gezellig. Why not wear yours on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day to raise awareness for the Save the Children foundation and making the world better with a sweater?

“This is the second year that we’re running this campaign in the Netherlands”, tells Marijke, who works at Save the Children in The Hague. “It’s huge in UK and other countries like Italy. I think it works because it’s a serious message ‘wrapped up’ in a silly challenge”.

Winter warmth

The fundraising campaign is set up to provide children stuck in war-torn countries and refugee camps with the warmth they need. For as little as 3 euros, a child can receive a sweater to make the cold a little more tolerable. These sweaters and other supplies are locally made and bought, to make the process both more sustainable and cost-efficient.


Kid in glasses dressed up for Christmas

We at IIAM. are excited to announce that we’ll be sponsoring Save the Children in 2018, but we need the student community’s help! The more of a hype the Ugly Christmas Sweater will be, the better we can collectively help children in need. So take initiative, gather your squad, wear an ugly sweater and post it on social media using the hashtag #FDK17.

During our upcoming event Prohibition on the 21st of December, 20 cents of every discounted shot (TBA) will go to the organization, so BOTTOMS UP!

For 3 euros, Save the Children is able to give a warm wool sweater
For 4 euros, Save the Children is able to give a fleece blanket
For 40 euros, Save the Children is able to give a heater and fuel to last a month

If you want to donate yourself, please click this link. (Hit up your favourite Dutchie if you need help translating)

So, will you be wearing your ugly sweater this week? Share your picture with us on socials using #internationaliam, we’d love to see what you guys have come up with!

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