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Do you want to be part of the IIAM. Family & help create the ultimate experience for students in the Netherlands? At IIAM., we offer the chance to be part of an international team of students that gives it all. Currently, we are looking for promoters! Are you enthusiastic, spontaneous and like to get more involved with The Hague’s and Rotterdam’s nightlife? Then this is a gig for you!



Here to create the ultimate student experience 

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IIAM. is here to unite the whole student community in the Netherlands! Use the app to stay up to date with our awesome events, discover the hottest places hand-picked by us and redeem exclusive deals around the city. Besides sweet discounts on food, drinks, entertainment & transportation, IIAM. has also created ‘The Ultimate Student Guide’! Everything you need to know about adapting to life in the Netherlands! Embrace the ultimate student experience & download the app now!

Our Mission

“International I Am is here to create
the best possible experience abroad & to bridge the gap with the Dutch students.” 



Free tickets, special deals and the chillest spots.

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All the benefits

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  • More Parties

    100 +
  • More Liters Drunk

    500000 +
  • More people

    20000 +
  • More lollypops lost

    200 +

“Altijd de leukste feestjes en goed geregeld!”

“I really enjoyed the party! It was an amazing production and the music was greatI look forward to more partiees!!!”  

“IIAM host great parties if you’re looking for somewhere fun to go. Especially on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I still have many great memories of the IIAM parties when I first came to The Hague to study. Overall great atmosphere, music and locations!”

“Cool parties, cool people, fun nights. Making The Hague nightlife a bit better! Good job and keep it up!”

“We do everything we can to create the ultimate experience abroad, to bridge the gap between the Internationals & Dutchies & to have fun while doing it!”

Meet the fam

IIAM is open-minded, fun & international. Our team is no different! Everything we do is made possible by our ever growing team. At the moment there are 32 of us, all from different nationalities, universities, studies & ages!
Nice to meet you 🙂


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